Gesha Clouds

Gesha Clouds
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$ 70.00 USD

Origin: Colombia

Region: Tolima

Producer: Milton Monroy

Roast: Light

Processing: Natural Anaerobic

Altitude: 1800 meters

Tasting Notes: Black Tea, Honey, Peach Sweetness, Happiness

More about the producers:

Meet Milton Monroy, the mastermind behind this exceptional coffee from his renowned San Pedro farm in San Juan de la China. Milton's coffee journey began alongside his father, cultivating traditional varieties like Castillo and Caturra. But their world changed when they discovered the mesmerizing Gesha variety, instantly falling in love with its unparalleled flavors. They boldly planted 25% of their farm with Gesha, a decision they've never regretted. Milton's dedication to perfecting the processing of Gesha has paid off, earning his farm a spot as a consistent finalist in the Colombian Cup of Excellence. Together, we've crafted this micro-lot, Gesha Clouds, for our competition series, capturing the essence of Milton's farm and the sky-high potential of Gesha coffee. Get ready to taste the clouds with every sip of this extraordinary brew! PROCESS DESCRIPTION: So, let's spill the beans on how this coffee magic happens at Milton's place! First off, he's all about that natural anaerobic fermentation vibe, keeping things separated in tanks of around 60 kgs for his prized Gesha beans. It's like a mini Gesha party in each tank, lasting a cool 84 hours with a special shake-up every 12 hours to keep things grooving. Once that's done, Milton lets the cherries chill for about 6 hours to shake off any excess moisture. Then, it's off to the mechanical dryers for a quick 6 to 8-hour spin to shed that initial layer of moisture and dodge any funky over-fermented vibes. Next stop? An extended drying vacation on a raised bed in his marquesina, soaking up those perfect temps of 18 to 31 degrees Celsius for a solid 24 to 32 days – talk about a tan! But wait, there's more! After a 5-day timeout in a dark room, it's off to a special small silo, where these beans get the VIP treatment, ensuring that ideal moisture level before a cozy 45-day nap in grain pro bags. And voila, that's how Milton works his magic to bring you this stellar Gesha!